How to Boost Email Newsletter Signups on Your Website

How to Boost Email Newsletter Signups on Your Website

An e-mail newsletter is the the most powerful way to keep in contact with readers and customers. It's also a sure-fire way to make any reader a potential buyer. If you find the opt-in rate of your website to be low, don't worry. Here are three ways to increase e-mail newsletter signups for your website.

Engaging Pictures

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many marketers and business owners today still use images of people who are looking directly at the screen or off screen. The key is to use images that point the reader to the signup area. It can be as simple as having a background picture of a woman who's sitting and looking to the right, with your signup box to the right. Otherwise, images of people who are looking at the the reader draw too much attention the person's face.

Move The Opt-In Box

Where's your sign-up box? "Another snafu that websites owners make is having their newsletter sign-up box somewhere that's hard to spot" warns the web design professionals at JLB in Ft. Lauderdale. For instance, having your sign-up box on the left or right columns of your own website is a missed opportunity, as internet users turn a blind eye to that area. Worse, a sign-up box that's below the fold. A surefire way to increase newsletter sign-ups is to use a simple plug-in that alerts the viewer (without being too intrusive) to the newsletter, while offering the major perk for signing up.

Change The Language

Changing the wording in your newsletter sign-up box is another one people miss. Archaic words such as "newsletter" and "subscribe", while useful when talking about marketing, miss the mark for actual opt-ins. Subscribe has similar connotations with "subscription", which in some readers' minds can trigger the thought of payment. Newsletter on the other hand is a "rich-man's" word that can get lost in translation. Instead, try using "sign up" up in place of subscription. And instead of using the word "newsletter", use a call-to-action button that reminds the reader what they'll receive for signing up. And don't forget to offer something for an opt-in!

The tweaks above will boost your sign ups dramatically, and any web design company can implement them easily and quickly. Unless a viewer really likes your site and is a frequent visitor, most visitors need a reminder or a nudge that your list has great value to them. Don't let potential customers get away. These three changes will be sure to boost e-mail newsletter signups for any website.